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Shop Thousands of Items Under One Roof!

At All Aboard Kid's Consignment, you will find clothing for kids of all ages, Juniors, Maternity and Nursing Wear as well as shoes, accessories, equipment, toys, furniture, books and so much more for kids and growing families of all ages!

Here are some tips for shopping at the sale:

~ Bring your own bag or basket, if you would like or enjoy our FREE IKEA bags to use as well.

~ Make a plan

  • LARGE ITEMS (think baby swings, outdoor toys, pack n plays and so much more) are a HUGE hit plan to make your first stop here and don't worry, we have a hold area for these HOT items while you shop other areas.

  • CLOTHES - girls on one side, boys on the other sizes preemie - youth 20.   Juniors, Maternity and Nursing Wear have their own areas.   OH and don't miss the rack for coats, costumes, dance and athletic wear - gems are sure to be found all around.   BAG TOO FULL - don't you fret, we will hold your bag and offer another as long as you purchase the items left in hold (we will pre-scan these items to make checkout FASTER!)

  • SHOES - girls and boys sizes newborn - to adult size 10

  • TOYS - tables and tables of toys for all to chose

  • ACCESSORIES and OTHER - socks, hair gems, jewelry, books, games, educational, infant feeding, backpacks and so much more!

~ We are a family friendly sale, but we do ask that children stay with an adult and are kept from riding on or playing with toys.​

~ Make it a family event, or bring the girl friends or your neighbor down the street - there is plenty for everyone and fun to be had by all!

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